Annie Get Your Gun

Music and Lyrics by Irving Berlin

Book by Herbert and Dorothy Fields

Nov. 14, 15, 16, 17, 2002

Directed by Gary Spurgeon

Musical Direction by Justin Hill

Choreography by Jennifer Hopwood, Gail Wortmann, Terri Williams, Justin Hill

Synopsis: Annie is a rough and tumble backwoods girls who is the star of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show and handy with a rifle. She meets up with Frank Butler, star of Pawnee Bills’ Show, and the ensuing romance encounters difficulties until their two shows merge into a single outfit and Frank and Annie become members of the same company.

Cast (in order of appearance): Annie Oakley Diana Upton-Hill; Frank Butler Wayne Van Mersbergen; Charlie Davenport Danny Van Horn; Dolly Tate Bonnie Marburger; Foster Wilson/Pawnee Bill Lyle Helton; Buffalo Bill Bill Baughman; Chief Sitting Bull Gary McConnell; Mac Rich Wortmann; Mrs. Sylvia Potter-Porter Michelle Kelsey; Little Jake Alex Forsythe; Nellie Laurel Mietzner; Jesse Adam Smith; Mike Ryan Boatman; Little boy Benjamin Spurgeon; Little girl Hanna Altheide; Yellow Foot Maxx Williams; Mrs. Little Horse Pat Hasz; Mrs. Yellowfoot Terri Williams; Indian boy Tom Clark; Conductor/Dr. Percy Ferguson Chris Griffin; Porter/Mr. TLC Keefer Harrison Van Mersbergen; Waiter Shevy Miller; Wild Horse Bob Hasz; Messenger/Ernest Henderson Gage Mikels; Footman Ron Bride; Mr. Schuyler Adams Joe Russell; Mrs. Schuyler Adams Miriam Ball; Mrs. Percy Ferguson Amy Fellinger; Mrs. Ernest Henderson Renee Thomas; Mr. Clay William Ash; Townspeople Chris Griffin, Shevy Miller, Michelle Kelsey, Miriam Ball, William Ash, Renee Thomas, Joe Russell, Katie Clark, Amy Fellinger; Calvary sharpshooters William Ash and Joe Russell; Bronco Busters Harrison Van Mersbergen, Gage Mikels, Shevy Miller, Chris Griffin; Rope twirlers Miriam Ball, Michelle Kelsey, Renee Thomas, Katie Clark; Indians Tom Clark, Pat Hasz, Terri Williams, Brianna Williams, Bob Hasz, Maxx Williams

Orchestra: Conductor Justin Hill; Flute Aleta Mikels; Clarinet Jennifer Hopwood; Trumpets Ben Tillis, Clint Lister; French horn Ed VanderLinden; Trombones Scott Riggs and Carlta Conrad; Tuba Greg Hendrickson; Percussion Linda McConnell; Piano Gail Van Mersbergen

Crews: Stage crew Ron Bride, Deb Van Horn, Phyllis Aeschliman and members of the cast; Props Deb Van Horn, Phyllis Aeschlilman, Ron Bride; Set construction Ron Bride, Wayne Van Mersbergen, Gary McConnell, Gary Spurgeon and Bruce Wortmann; Costumes Ruth Swaim, Lana Doll, Joanette Schott, Sandra Christy and Julie Griffin; Lights Phil Norton, Craig Scott, Allan Forsythe; Set painting Deb Baughman; Makeup Cathy Roberts, Lesle Kouba, Michelle Williams, Gloria Reeves, Caitlyn Roberts, Regan Roberts, Tess Silko, Terri McDougall; Hair Gina Inman, Kay Smith, Donna Blumhagen, Barbara Huffman, Bonnie Clyman; Bookholder Betty McConnell; Special effects Ron Bride; Sound effects Doug Dixon; House committee Jim and Diane Wakelin, Steven Wakelin, Amanda Wakelin, Jessica Wakelin, Sherry Hopkins, Cindy Vinzant, Jean Stockham, Madeline Hill, Steve & Patsy Dent, Anne Morgan, Lisa Wagler, Karen Augspurger, Sandy Mason, Nancy Games, Phyllis Shelton, Ann Ellen McMaines; Program Gary McConnell, Diane Wakelin, Karen and Gary Spurgeon; Tickets Medicap Pharmacy