Music and lyrics by Jerry Herman

Book by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee

Nov. 6, 7, 8, 9, 1997

Directed by Lyle Stirling and Karon Stirling

Musical direction by Karon Stirling and Lyle Stirling

Choreography by Joshua Hendricks, Gail Wortmann and Karon Stirling

Synopsis: Mame Dennis’s eccentric, bohemian lifestyle is interrupted when her late brother’s son is entrusted to her care. Mame does not adopt to any societal standards about child rearing, money-making or romance, but does everything in her own dramatic flair.

Cast (in order of appearance): Patrick Dennis, age 10 Jared Eakins; Agnes Gooch Pat Rodda; Vera Charles Gail Wortmann; Mame Dennis Lesle Kouba; Betty Boop Girls Julie Griffin, Jenny Hopwood, Leah St. Clair, Gail Van Mersbergen; Ito Danny Van Horn; M. Lindsay Woolsey Dr. Lloyd Mietzner; Ralph Divine Bob Hasz; Bishop/Artist/Beauregard Wayne Van Mersbergen; Doorman/messenger/stage mgr Mark Williams; Elevator Operator April Griffith; Dwight Babcock Brad Lofton; Newspaper boys Wade Archer and Max Williams; Art Model Pat Hasz; Dance Teacher/ Mrs. Upson Nancy St. Clair; Dancers Connie Gooden and Michelle Williams; Tango Dancers Joshua Hendricks, Suzanne Sparks, Joey Hootman, Teresa Thomas; Policemen Wesley St. Clair, Julian Campbell; Madame Branislowski Teresa Thomas; Gregor Joey Hootman; Uncle Jeff Jeff Stirling; Cousin Fan Gail Van Mersbergen; Mother Burnside Karen Spargur; Maids Georganna Griffith, Barb Huffman; Patrick Dennis, ages 19-29 Wesley St. Clair; Junior Babcok Joshua Hendricks; Mr. Upson Julian Campbell; Gloria Upson Michelle Williams; Pegeen Ryan Jenny Hopwood; Peter Dennis Wade Archer

Instrumental Ensemble: Director Karon Stirling; Piano Nancy Squire; Trumpet Brenda Spurgeon; Trombone Andrew Baughman; Flute Jessica Totten; Sax and clarinet Karen Spurgeon; Percussion Linda McConnell

Crews: Stage crew Deb Van Horn, Phyllis Aeschliman, Ernie Dicks, Ron Bride, Gary Spurgeon; Props Deb Van Horn, Phyllis Aeschliman, Janet Woolard; Set construction Gary Spurgeon, Ron Bride, Chris Griffin, Michael Griffin, Dean Long, Daryl Williams; Costume committee Ruth Swaim, Joan Phillis, Dorothy Jessen, Joanne Rupe; Lights Gary McConnell and Kathi Scott; Set painting Tina Jarvis, Debbie Baughman, Wayne Van Mersbergen, Teresa Thomas, Lori Chaplin, Middle school art students; Makeup Patty Sadaro, Kristi Archer, Val Mishler, Shirley Tarbell, Jennifer Harsch, Kathy Schooley, Julie Swaim, Sandy Mason; Hair committee Bonnie Clyman, Donna Blumhagen, Brenda Williams, Kay Smith, Trudy Etheridge; Bookholder Jill Owen; Phone committee Joyce Pence, Bonnie Clyman, Helen Schroeder, Patty Sadaro, Hildred Gordy, Jean Stockham, Julie Griffin; Programs Patty Sadaro, Bob Hasz, Mary Mahannah, Wanda Knupp, Jean Stockham, LuEtta Proctor, Brad Lofton, Isabelle Boatman, Erin Houk, Nancy Young, Vicki Piper, Gary Spurgeon; House committee Jessica Garnett, Lynn Shumate, Ed and Vicki Good, Nick and Roxanne Pace, Charlie and Peggy Rupe, Dr. & Mrs. Darrel Smith, Steven & Judy Augspurger, Patsy Dent, Sandy Mason, Russ & Aleta Mikels, Bill Baughman, Carolyn Ensminger, Michael & Cody Kerby; Ticket sales Vicki Houk, LuEtta White, Gary Spurgeon and Medicap Pharmacy